Research and Development
  • Well qualified R&D professionals with specialization in Food Technology, Process Engineering, and Design & Instrumentation
  • 300 days of product development trials in a year
  • Continuous research on agriculture product based food

For successful product development projects, we adhere to the below steps from Conceptualization to Commercialization...

Step 1: New Product Concept
  • Idea arises from Customer's specific requirement or market needs
  • Idea will be subjected to preliminary analysis and feasibility checks
Step 2: New Product Feasibility Study
  • R&D evaluates the process feasibilit of the product and recommends for pilot prototype development
  • We involve the customer for inputs during this phase of feasibility study
Step 3: Prototype Development
  • Post the feasibility checks, product breif is created which specifies the product price, sensory attributes, shape, food safety, shelf life, and regulatory requirements
  • Based on product breif, product development plan is designed
  • Pilot Plant trials- Trials are carried out in state of the art pilot plant as per the development plan with different recipes and process parameters
  • Product testing and Validation- Developed products are tested against tentative product speficiation and validated for customer compliance
  • Repeatability - The finalized recipe is trialed out few more times at pilot plan to ensure repeatability and consistency
  • Once the products and process meet the expectation, it is then set up for scale up trails
Step 4: Process Industrialization
  • Product Commercial scale up - Validated pilot product recipe, process parameters are followed to scale up production in commercial line
  • Training- Scale up trials are carried out several times to familiarise the shop floor team to the product and process
  • Process standards and in process quality checks are developed in this phase which is then communicated to the production and quality assurance team